Photo By: Christina Pimienta

Reyna Noriega is your average 20- something millenial trying to figure it out. So far, she discovered she could have happiness on her terms, if she created it and has since taken that knowledge and ran with it surrounding herself with the things that inspire her. 

A graduate of Florida International University with a B.A in psychology, by day she is an educator, teaching graphic design and Visual Art to highschool students and one very dear sixth grade class. 

Nights and weekends, and whenever she can squeeze it into the workday, she pursues her independent endeavors. Editing her book instead of eating lunch when necessary. 

A visual artist, photographer, & writer, her work has appeared in various magazines and online platforms worldwide (Northside Magazine, Thought Catalog, & 1 am Creative to name a few). 

She published her first book titled "Prose & Cons" June of 2017 and is expected to release two more this year.

Born and raised in the county of Dade, she currently resides in Miami, where she will likely retire (305 til i die) she hopes to encourage everyone to follow their dreams, and to be unapologetically themselves ( especially women :).

See you at the top!